Marketing is the backbone of any strong business. If sales push the growth of a company, then marketing is the fertile soil required for that growth. Whether your business is a small operation with only a handful of employees or a huge multinational company, marketing is a necessary - but often overlooked - element of any successful business.

For a small business, the benefits of an outsourced marketing company. are more obvious. Many small businesses will not have their own marketing department or marketing officer, and will lack access to the premium tools a marketing company will use to maximise their promotions and campaigns. The price of hiring a marketing company, either on an ongoing basis or on a more ad-hoc basis, will often be more manageable and cost-effective than paying for an in-house marketing officer, along with all of the software and equipment required achieving the same level of success and measurable results. Whether the market is B2C, B2B, or a mix of both, a small business will often find turning to an outsourced marketing company. nets them a higher level of success than spending the time, effort and money to replicate the results in-house.

Some companies may have their own marketing officer. However, many marketing officers will specialise in one particular aspect of marketing - such as social media promotion or graphic design - and need or want assistance with other elements of it. For a growing company, the job of a marketing officer can also become an unmanageably busy one, requiring some ad-hoc support from a marketing company.

An outsourced marketing company can also offer advice and training, to allow a growing marketing department to continue their expansion in a sustainable fashion. Advanced marketing software may have a steep learning curve, necessitating a marketing team to spend time learning the ropes before they are able to use it to its fullest potential - however, with training and expertise from a marketing company, this learning period can be halved, giving the company a head-start.

Even a large business may make use of an outsourced marketing company, relying on the expertise and fresh eyes of an outside agency to give their promotions a new boost in a competitive market. With the average marketing company having experienced videographers, social media marketers, SEO experts, web and graphic designers, copywriters, and many more specialists on staff, the level of knowledge packed into a marketing company is unmatched.

With marketing increasingly becoming a priority for many businesses, both small and large, in today’s competitive market, outsourced marketing companies are seeing more and more popularity as busi-nesses turn to them for support, advice, and training. As more marketing companies spring up to meet the demand, it remains to be seen how marketing will grow and expand as an industry in the future.